Give Your Bathroom a Luxurious Touch with Space Saving Back To Wall Toilet & WC Unit

Back to Wall Toilet
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Toilets have come a long way over the past few decades. Traditional close coupled toilets are no longer the only option. In case you are looking for a toilet with a modern style and features like space saving then back to wall toilets are a great choice for your bathroom. Not only is the design modern and streamlined, but it can also add an element of luxury to your space. Whether you have a small bathroom or simply want to make room for other items, these back-to-wall toilets provide a great solution that also offers a sophisticated style. 

Read on as we discuss why this toilet should be a preferred choice for your bathroom.

What is a Back to Wall Toilet?

A back to wall toilet sits directly on the floor with the cistern either concealed in the WC unit or inside the wall. These are supplied as separate toilet bowls and a cistern. So, unlike close coupled toilets, the cistern and a bowl do not come joined but rather connected by a plumber during fitting. 

The best part is you can choose the way you want to install a cistern depending on your preference. So, you will either need to choose with a cistern fitted within a WC unit or without it (in case you want to fit it directly against the wall). 

Back To Wall Toilet with or without WC Unit?

When deciding between a back to wall toilet cistern with or without WC unit, you need to keep your own needs in mind as both have their advantages. For example, look for the suitability of both options like the availability of plumbing and drainage. In some cases, you may not want to complicate the installation process by requiring building drywall to conceal the cistern. That’s when a WC unit becomes an obvious choice. 

In addition to that you may also want to think about how it will look with either option. A back-to-wall toilet without a WC unit provides more floor space, making cleaning easier. While a WC unit may allow for more creative options when styling a bathroom, including space for storage. Ultimately, it depends on your personal preference and what works best for your bathroom.

Advantages Of Back to Wall Toilets

Back to wall toilets have the following pros. 

  • Space Saving 

The back-to-wall toilets are a great space saving alternative for a bathroom with limited available space. When compared to the traditional close coupled toilet, the toilet bowl mounts directly against the wall, with its cisterns either concealed inside the walls or behind a WC unit. This creates an illusion of more space in the bathroom making it feel open. 

  • Contemporary Bathroom Look

Modern bathrooms are opting for a minimalistic and sophisticated design, which is why btw toilets offer an ideal solution. Not only do they possess a smaller footprint to preserve space, but their sleek finish can work as the perfect eye-catching accent piece while still maintaining that necessary clean look.

If you choose the cistern fitted with the WC unit then you can pair it with a vanity sink unit for a coordinated look. In other cases, concealing the cistern behind the wall will create a tidier look. 

  • Suitable For All Bathroom Types

Whether you are looking for a new toilet for a cloakroom, ensuite, or family bathroom, a back to wall toilet can be a perfect fit for each one of them. It is a space saving option that makes it a preferable choice for a small bathroom. While concealed cistern inside the WC unit or wall allows you to create a far better bathroom both functionally and aesthetically. 

  • Various Styling Options

Back to wall toilets come in a variety of styles and finishes, allowing homeowners to choose from sleek and modern designs to more classic looks. These are supplied in two different parts allows choosing the type of toilet bowl to pair with a WC unit. So, you can choose from round standard shape bowls, elongated or square shapes depending on your preference. These come with various options like rimless designs that are easier to clean and save water. 

You may also find types that fit perfectly into the bathroom corner. So, if you are looking for something different in your bathroom then you will find btw toilets an excellent choice.

  • Easier Cleaning 

Since the cistern is completely concealed in the WC unit or wall, dirt, and dust are less likely to accumulate. That means you only have a toilet bowl to keep clean. It leads to a toilet that looks fresh and inviting. In addition to that if you choose a rimless toilet bowl then the absence of rims will prevent any accumulation of dirt and debris inside it. That makes it less need for cleaning. 

Final Thoughts

Installing a back-to-wall toilet is the ideal way to maximize space in your bathroom and add an element of luxury. Its contemporary look will breathe new life into any interior.

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