Most Popular Shower Enclosure Types in the UK

Looking to give your bathroom a new look without a complete makeover? A shower enclosure can be a great way to update the space. Not only do these prevent water from getting all over the floor, but they also create a luxurious bathroom look. However,  buying a new shower cubicle can be a baffling experience. From choosing the right shape to the right size and accessories, there is a lot that you should know before placing an order. The first thing that you may need to decide is the type of shower enclosure you will need to install. To help you make this choice right, we have listed the most popular shower cubicle types in the UK. So, you know what most homeowners prefer and why.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures and Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Inevitably the most popular shower enclosure type, the round half-circled front and space-saving design makes it an attractive choice for most homeowners in the UK. Quadrant shower enclosures are also available in an offset quadrant variation that has one of its sides larger then other creating a bit more spacious enclosure. These are suitable for someone who has some extra space in the bathroom. 

 You can expect the following advantages and features when choosing this type of enclosure. 

  • Quadrant enclosures are a space saving round shaped design, that’s why you can fit it in small bathrooms. 
  • These can fit into the bathroom corners that can also help you save the space.
  • It has an aesthetically pleasing shape that is suitable for most modern bathroom interiors. 
  • You can choose a sliding shower door to use with it that also increases its aesthetics. 
  • It is a design that can fit most odd bathroom layouts without a problem. 
  • There are a variety of size options available ranging from 660mm to 900mm in width and length. 

Walk in Shower Enclosures

Second, on our list of most popular shower enclosures in the UK is walk in shower enclosures. These are open style enclosure with no doors or trays. But to prevent water splashes, one or two of its sides have shower screens. Modern bathrooms are increasingly trending towards spacious bathroom looks, and that’s what a walk in shower enclosure can offer. As it can also be a suitable option for small bathrooms, it has also become a popular choice. If you go for this option, there are the following expected advantages from it. 

  • Walk in shower enclosures are a great choice for small bathrooms as these are available in all sizes. 
  • Since these are open from all sides with glass shower panels at one or two sides, your small bathroom can still feel spacious. 
  • Due to no door and no shower trays and steps, you can enjoy better accessibility of the shower area. 
  • Walk in showers are a great choice for the elderly and anyone with mobility issues.
  • You can find them in various sizes suitable for large and small bathrooms.  

Square Shower Enclosure

It is another popular choice, with all of its sides having an equal length and creating a glass enclosure for showering. These can fit anywhere in the bathroom and can be suitable for all types and sizes. Here are what you can expect from square shape enclosures.

  • Many homeowners in the UK prefer square shower enclosures in large bathrooms. 
  • Square shape enclosure looks great in medium to large spaces.
  • You can fit them against any wall anywhere in the bathroom. This also includes bathroom corners.
  • If you are looking for a spacious showering experience, then it can be a suitable option for you. 
  • These come in a wide range of sizes that includes 700mm to 1100mm. That means whether you have a small bathroom or the large one, there is an option available for every bathroom 
  • You can fit a hinged shower door with it to provide a bigger entrance into the enclosure. 

Rectangular Shower Enclosure 

It is a type of shower enclosure that is each two of its side equal in length and width too. It is another good choice for a shower area. These have two or three sides with panels and a shower door to complete the rectangular shower cubicle. This type of cubicle offers various advantages that are similar to the square enclosure.

  • Rectangular shaped enclosures are a great option for someone looking for a spacious shower experience. 
  • These are suitable for bathroom corner fitting as well as anywhere along the wall. 
  • You have a full choice of shower doors with this type of enclosure, including sliding, hinged, and folding shower cubicles. 
  • These are available in sizes from 700mm to 1100mm. That means you can install them in small, medium and large bathrooms. 

Final Thoughts

In this blog, we have listed the five most popular shower enclosure types in the UK. On top of our list is a quadrant shower enclosure followed by a walk-in shower. Both these have been high in demand recently and are a preferred option for small bathrooms. However, if you have a big space available, then square and rectangular shape enclosures can also be a good choice. 

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